Our Dynamic Team

Peaton team

Our Dynamic Team

Peaton Learning Consultants

Everyone at Peaton is a behavioural expert and change qualified executive coach. We have extensive experience of working in the consultancy, engineering & infrastructure sectors, helping organisations and teams to introduce behavioural change. 

We all have the same values and standards of excellence and can work individually or as a team on your project. 

  • Combined we have designed over 100 Behavioural Assessment Centres – we know how to score well!

  • Clients who have followed our process, have won their bids 86% of the time

  • Combined we have conducted over 1000 behavioural interviews – we know how to score well in those too!

  • Our processes are practical – highly challenging and highly supportive.

Karen House

Karen House

I’ve over 20 years’ experience of working with and developing highly performing teams. I’ve trained hundreds of people to perform well in behavioural interviews, presentations and assessment centres.

Qualifications… well I’m a masters-level executive coach, with qualifications in NLP, Mindfulness in the Workplace and a variety of business psychometric tools.

My clients tell me that I’m a good listener, that I create safe and challenging learning environments and that learning with me is fun.


Fiona Keane

I am a facilitator by trade and work with individuals and teams to bring out their best. All the training I have delivered, for over 15 years, has been about ‘behaviours’ and ‘how we interact with one another’ whether for a tender, a senior leadership team or a team going from good to great.

Qualifications… I’m qualified to level A&B British Psychological Society, I’m a qualified executive coach and use a variety of business psychometric tools. My clients tell me that I have endless energy, enthusiasm and a unique way to break down any barriers – quickly.

Barbara thumbs up

Barbara Robinson

Working closely with clients from a broad range of industry sectors my focus for the last 15 years has been the identification, definition, introduction and embedding of behaviours.  Projects include the creation of competency or behavioural frameworks, facilitated workshops to introduce and embed behaviours, and manager/leader development programmes to equip leaders with the skills and tools to enhance the performance of individuals and teams through their behaviour.

I’m qualified to level A&B British Psychological Society. My clients tell me that I’m, pragmatic, straightforward and can relate to and engage individuals at all levels within an organisation.

Alison Verheul

Alison Verheul

I have a wealth of experience working with individuals and teams as coach, facilitator and trainer; supporting teams to be their best and helping individuals to identify what makes them unique and how this can enhance the overall capability of the teams they work with.

Qualifications… I’m qualified across a range of psychometric instruments and have a postgraduate coaching qualification. My clients tell me I am pragmatic, insightful and able to get to the nub of an issue quickly, creating both a challenging and supportive environment. 

Annelise Cruickshank

Annelise Cruickshank

I have over 20 years experience as a Trainer, facilitator and Coach, and have held senior management roles, including Operational, Business Development and Non- Exec Director. Self- awareness and the impact of our behaviours is at the heart of all that I do, whether that be supporting personal, leadership or team development, interview preparation and assessment.

I have an MSc in Coaching and Leadership Development, accredited as a Master Coach. I am a licensed user of Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator and FIRO B personality questionnaire amongst other psychometric tools.

Clients have described me as practical and pragmatic and approaching assignments with flair and imagination. They say I am empathetic, a good listener and not afraid to ask the difficult questions.

Our clients include

Anglian Water
Balfour Beatty
Environment Agency
Laing O-Rourke
United Utilities
Yorkshire Water